Thursdays Events

This morning Andy Philpot presented the keys to Commandante Lopez (Fire Chief of Chinandega) for a Ford Ambulance. This is a desperately needed vehicle that will serve a city of approximately 400,000 people.

This life saving ambulance was donated by Cisco Smith and the Tukwila Rotary Club. The ambulance served the residents of Washington State before it was picked up by the Kamloops Firefighters and driven North across the border. It was warehoused in BC for several months before it was driven to Vancouver, craned on to a Gearbulk ship, shipped to California, craned on board another Gearbulk ship, shipped to Guatemala, craned onto a truck driven through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and finally to Nicaragua. And yesterday this was given a second life to serve once again.

Many thanks to Cisco Smith, The Tukwila Rotary Club, and Gerry Caceres for making this donation a reality.

Following this presentation ceremony, our team headed to pick up lunch for the kids living in the El Limonal garbage dump. Today they were in for a special treat… The Firefighters from Kitamat, and the Husch Family sponsored a chicken lunch from Tip Top restaurant. Our team first stopped by the bakery for 200 buns. We then headed to Tip Top to bag and box 200 chicken meals. Virginia and Faye headed to the Pali Market to purchase additional snacks for the lunch. Once our team reassembled we convoyed to El Limonal to distribute the meals. Within 20 minutes the children waiting in line were fed and thrilled with their lunch at the Conconi Family Community Centre.

Once again the team boarded our transportation back to our base camp at Monty’s in Jiquilillo, then to the Padre Ramos Estuary. In our two pangas (fishing boats) we learned of the plight of the Hawksbill Sea Turtle and the mangrove estuary. This was a recon trip to explore future Operation Nicaragua projects.

The day ended with a boat ride to a desolate beach where the team cooled off in the surf and watched the sun set into the Pacifico. A perfect ending to another perfect day.



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