Wednesday events

Today was an optional rest day for the team. Some chose to spend the day relaxing and surfing at our host hotel, Monty’s Beach Lodge. A few others headed out for some deep sea fishing with our local guide. It was a productive day with 14 fish caught. The remainder of the team decided to spend the day erecting brick walls at a school kitchen project.



Tuesday Events – School Shoe Distribution

Today the team distributed shoes to about 400 children who attend the Padre Ramos, Los Zorros and Jiquilillo Elementry schools. This was a major event for many of the children as their foot ware was in poor disrepair. The fear with children who have unsatisfactory shoes is that, if the shoes become unwearable, the child is not allowed to attend school.

Monday events

Today our team rode to Chinandega Nicaragua to prepare for delivering a shipment shoes. The team was divided into two groups. One group to prepare the shoes to be delivered to the schools chinandega. The other group headed to the garbage dump community of El Limonal to prepare a lunch in the Community centre donated by our major sponsors, the Conconi Family.

After all the shoes were sorted both teams served a lunch to the hundreds of children who call the garbage dump home. This was a great way for the team to meet those who will be receiving the donations of shoes later in the week.

Pictures to follow soon.

Leon Firetruck delivery

Sunday was an exceptional day that saw the Operation Nicaragua deliver a Firetruck that originated from chimney Felker lakes to the Leon Nicaragua fire department. Our team arrived to find an honour guard of firefighters lining the entrance to the presentation venue. We were inundated with sincere hospitality and strong feeling of brotherhood. The Commandante of Leon gave an amazing speech on the history of the department. Leon is a city of over 200,000 people had 10 newer fire trucks and was the most modern fire department in Central America before the civil war. After the war the city was reduced to a single fire truck donated from Russia in the 60’s. this unit required the firefighters to push start it when responding to emergencies.

The Leon firefighters were so proud of their new unit, they had our team stand on the tailboard and sit on the roof of the truck as they drove through town with lights and sirens.

Truly an amazing day and a pleasure to work together with our brothers and sisters from Leon, Managua.



Shipment arrives in Nicaragua


The latest shipment of 2 containers consisting of 50,000 lbs of humanitarian, hospital and firefighting supplies has safely arrived in Nicaragua and are currently stored in our Chinandega warehouse.  As well 1 Ambulance and 2 Firetrucks are currently waiting for our team arrival in Corinto.  Team is due to arrive April 5th to facilitate donation distribution.

Operation Haiti 2


The KFR operation Haiti team designed and built an adventure
playground for kids. All of the material for the playground was sent
by container to Les Cayes Haiti in a container. Others items sent in
the container included paint, ceramic tile flooring, form ply,
plumbing fixtures, dryed food, sheets, clothing and sports equipment.

In February 2013 a team of 13 including 6 KFR members went to Haiti
to work at camp Mahaniam  in Soutern Haiti. Team members set the
adventure playground up on the camp property and were able to see the
Haitian kids play on it. The team also built and painted a portion of
fence around the camp property. They also worked with cement, pouring
a slab for an incinerater that will be used to incinerate garbage and
a perimeter for a beach volley ball court.

While staying at the camp team members also had the opportunity to
play with the kids from the imediate area. In the evenings when they
had enough energy the team set speakers up on the deck, turned the
music volume up, and turned the yard lights on. This was the signal to
any kids in the area that they could come over and play. Between 200
and 300 kids aged 1 to early 20’s came to play volleyball, basketball,
soccer etc. They especially wanted to play with the Blanc’s. Operation
Haiti team members played these sports with the Haitians and taught
them to play floor hockey as well. The Haitians took to the game

Our team also took part in a wedding that involved 25 Haitian couples.
In Haiti many people would like to get married but cannot afford a
wedding. The team loaded up two trucks and a trailer with wedding,
clothes, decorations, and food for 500, then traveled for 3 hours by
dirt road and though rivers to get to a remote Haitian village. The
team members dressed the 25 couples with loaned dresses and suites for
the wedding and then took wedding pictures of each couple. While the
local paster married the couples our team prepared food for the
wedding party and guests. After the wedding the couples headed home
(up to 2 hours by donkey) and our team prepared wedding albums for
each couple and then slept on cots set up in the tiny church. The next
morning the grooms brought back the wedding clothes and received a
framed wedding picture and a wedding album. They were all so pleased.
One man said that he had lived with his wife for many years and people
said that they were not married and he was not committed to her. Now
he said holding the album ” I have proof”.